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· 5 min read

Part of the "Myth Busting" series

Sit up straight?#

Everyone knows what good posture is, right? When you're sitting in a chair you have a neutral pelvis, a straight back, shoulders back and chin tucked in. You brace your core. You NEVER cross your legs. You have your arms and elbows at 90 degrees to your chest. Ta da! That's it. Perfect posture. Now you just need monitor at eye height and a yoga ball or a special orthopaedic chair to sit on so you can hold that posture. All day.

After all, bad posture is the main cause of back pain, isn't it? Sitting slouched in a chair with your shoulders slumped forward causes muscle imbalances, and muscle imbalances cause pain - right?

· 7 min read

Part of the "Myth Busting" series

Sometimes as chiropractors we can be so lazy. Especially in how we explain things to patients. We say things like:

  • Your spine is out of alignment
  • Your back is too flat/curved
  • Your neck is stuck
  • Your hip is out
  • Your pelvis is tilted
  • One leg is longer than the other
  • Your arches have collapsed
  • Your disc has slipped (see a previous post for a big rant on this one!)

· 4 min read

Part of the "Myth Busting" series

Welcome to the start of a new series here at the Flourish blog. We'll be busting some commonly assumed truths, general ignorance and persistent myths about a range of health and wellness topics. Up first - discs!

The intervertebral discs sit between the bones of the spine. They're composed of a gel-like material (in the picture below this is called the nucleus pulposus) surrounded by a mesh of fibres (the annulus fibrosus). Whenever there's any movement through the spine, the discs act like little shock-absorbers, to dissipate the force and protect the bones of the spine from any impact.